“Amor al Postre is a fine bakery located in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico. Inspired in Marie Antoinette’s era and French pastries, the creation of the identity resulted in the reflection of the detail that was put into each of the desserts that Marie Antoniette received. The identity and the packaging represent elegance and contribute to the experience consumers have with every product prepared in the bakery. In association with N de Negro – Interior Design Studio, a mural was illustrated to portray the concept and complete the consumers’ experience allowing the ambience to transport them to France in the late 1770’s, time in which Marie Antoinette ruled as queen. The slogan “Para ti, con amor” (For you, with love) was created to reflect the love that Amor al Postre puts in every single one of its products, as well as the love they represent as a gift.”

Designed by Art Labore