“One of the rarest of opportunities—actually rebranding a film archive. As part of Asian Film Archive (AFA)’s 10th-year anniversary, a new identity was developed from scratch; from brand strategy to identity through to a set of flexible guidelines.

“AFA is essentially about preserving and sharing Asian culture and heritage through films. The new identity seeks to maintain an institutional authority with a friendlier face woven into it.

“The identity revolves around the obsessive-nature of an archivist—with a bright blue marker s/he would scribble and annotate; the green is kept as a nod to AFA’s origins. Collaterals are designed as conversational pieces, with the letterhead in fragile tracing paper, echoing the fragility of film. Name cards are designed as inspired by cinema tickets of days long gone and meant to carry a sense of casual formality.

“Overall the identity is at once formal yet well balanced to be approachable with easy to use assets and guidelines for AFA to communicate their mission in the years to come.”

Designed by Somewhere Else

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