“Francina Models is a famous fashion agency, with more than 30 years of experience led by Mireia Verdú.

“This agency has diversified their business—seeking for new talents, representing a variety of fashion profiles and international models. It was the first modeling agency in Spain to offer an acting and training academy.

“Francina Models approached Mucho to rebrand its identity and visualize the evolution happening under Mireia Verdú. A new brand to communicate the history of the brand, and it’s strength in the fashion industry.

“Mucho proposed a development to it’s brand image. The classic “F” of Francina Models was upgraded to a more adaptable and contemporary one. We manually adapted the color, style and texture of the crossbar, developing a variable system that communicates the different departments.

“The new design was created considering every online platform, as it’s the agency’s main communication channel. Application was extended to the website, social media, as well as stationary and signage.

“The graphic composition of each element is clean and modern, with negative space that give the symbol strength, while allowing the dynamic use of imagery.

“Mucho adapted the classic identity of Francina Models into a flexible system that shows the characteristics of each of the fashion agency’s departments as a whole.”

Designed by Mucho

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