“With the idea that today’s dating apps fall short in fostering real connections, Hotline provides a unique matching service with an old-fashioned ideal—talking on the phone. Based on a more expressive social profile that allows for easy talking points, the connection comes to life when you make that first call.

“The Hotline branding utilizes a bold yet retro aesthetic, expressive of the old-meets-new strategy of a modern app with a traditional method of communication. Inspired by the Bauhaus era—as well as contemporary dating cues—we crafted a brand that creates a framework for creativity. The fiery red is striking against the roundness of the logo, with personality moments peppered throughout—friendly iconography, rich black and white photography, and dynamic typography. The user interface is sleek and intuitive, with way-finding illustrations and a color-coded system to make editing and uploading easy.”

Designed by Communal Creative

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