“Conceptualization, naming, corporative identity and graphic code for ‘Fundació Catalana per a la Prevenció de Residus i el Consum Responsable’ (Catalan Foundation for the Waste Prevention and Responsible Consumption), an ecologist and civic catalan entity which has the aim to change the consumption and production model through the zero residues.

“We create the Rezero name through the concept synthesis: zero residues. From the use of a characteristic typography, a symbol that represents the zero residues consumption and the use of a colour board that has as a reference the Earth, we have built a new identity aware with a change and which claims the current consumption system.

“From the Rezero’s brand it is derived a sub-brand called ‘Consum Conscient’ (Conscious Consumption). This project shows a naming proposal and the identity design of its campaign. We have had in account the Rezero’s brand and graphic code to keep the consistency between both pieces.”

Designed by Toormix

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