“Branding, stationery and corporate materials design for Aborígens, a gastronomy consultancy based in Barcelona which uncover Catalan cuisine for professionals from the food, hospitality and catering industries, as well as specialist journalists, to present the uniqueness of local produce and the latest culinary trends in the country.

“The identity has been developed following the personality of all its team. They wanted a near and humouristic solution that communicates gastronomy sector but also the team and climate they generate in their tours and projects. We’ve taken images from the internet that has been recreated by the team itself. Pictures of freak drunk people in the street to make an exagerated link to the tours and cat pictures with food that they recreated using food and wine actions in the same point of view.

“A simple but strong solution that with only 3 elements of the stationery can build the entire corporate elements. Letter, cards and stickers are the elements and the last one can be applied to different supports to create not only stationery pieces like envelopes but also corporate products to decorate the interior offices.”

Designed by Toormix