“Peten is a well planified community in Sisal, on the Yucatan coast. A project that defines exclusivity, as the act of enjoying without pretensions, simply enjoying nature, culture and the history of the region.

“The origin of the word “Peten” comes from the Mayan culture, and it makes reference to a natural sacred sanctuary that gives life to an ecosystem rich in flora and fauna.

“Sisal is an old and iconic harbor, famous for it’s henequen trade in the Yucatan’s golden era. There’s some record in history that shows the mayans used Sisal as a sea port.

“Sisal” comes from Sis-Ha that in spanish means: “The place where everything turns fresh”

“Peten Seaside Community is designed for everyone, nationals and foreign. The DNA and graphic proposal for the brand is inspired not only on the mayan culture but also on Ernest Hemingway’s free and adventurous spirit. The writer, the artist, and lover of the ocean and fishing, who immersed himself within the communities he went to, becoming friends with the people and places he visited along his life.

“Peten’s values are very important and are inspired by the amazing work of the fishing community, the respect and wonder capacity that leads us to define luxury in a different way, an honest and smart way, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy, create and always surprise ourselves.”

Designed by Bienal Comunicación