“I am a Los Angeles-based interior designer specializing in clean, modern aesthetics and refined, yet relaxed, high-end residential spaces. After studying interior architecture at CSULB and then Interior Architectural Design at UCLA, I cut my teeth at respected architectural firms. There, I developed not only a practical mastery of spatial relationships, but also a deep respect for and fluency with architecture. I am lucky to count many of these early collaborators as creative partners to this day. In 2006, after the birth of my first daughter, I founded my own interior design practice to align my professional aspirations with my personal ethos.

“For over 10 years, I have worked in and around the greater Los Angeles area, as well as on select special projects in Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, and beyond. I have become known for my custom millwork, furniture design, material selection, and an overall ability to complement and elevate architectural elements. I’m a versatile and hands-on designer and am typically intimately involved in every step of a project—from initial space planning to material specifications, through to selection of furnishings and the smallest of finishing touches. I work closely with clients, architects, lighting designers, and general contractors, and believe that collaboration is key.

“I thrive on the challenge of finding the right mix of styles for each new client and project, and find great inspiration in creating spaces that resonate on a very personal level.”

Designed by Kati Forner