“Almeida França is a renowned engineering company located in the Federal District of Brazil , Brasilia. But Almeida França is not only an Engineering company, it is a company whose strong asset is the ability to implement great technology in engineering construction sites, such as data center installations, access control installations among other technological innovations, along with the building maintenance service provided to all of their constructions Focusing on these these facts , we developed an identity with the rigidity of a traditional identity for an engineering company. However, we had to keep in mind how efficient and fluent they are while dealing with such complex constructions, such as data centers and totally technology driven constructions. To represent the constant search for a constant evolution in search of new technologies, we have developed a variety of symbols that alternate within the demarcated are of the symbol, and precisely, we developed 49 different symbols that act as compositional elements of identity. Where technology reproduction is favorable, like LED panels on top of buildings and on building frontage, on the website and television media, these signs are always in motion, thus increasing the technological proximity feel of the company.”

Designed by Br/Bauen