“ANJUNA ICE POPS is a brand created by Milán Szabó and József Szalay, two ambitious guys, who love to travel.
They came up with the ice pop store idea during one of their trips to India, where they were mesmerized by the beauty of one particular seashore in Goa, called Anjuna. Hence the name of the brand.

“We designed their whole visual image based on Indian and Holi imagery. The elephant is a sacred animal in India, but it also represents strength, wisdom and good luck. That is why we have chosen it to be the logo of ANJUNA. Though, our goal was to create a lovely character rather than a religious symbol.
As for the complementary visual elements, the colorful, dusty clouds remind us of the Holi festival.
We have also designed the shop’s interior, where we have added small details that fit perfectly into the whole “surfer, beach” concept.”

Designed by DekoRatio