“Assis Business Partners is an accounting office, founded in 1994 in the city of Coimbra, with the name of 2ÁS.
The independent company, grown phased and sustained, having reinvented itself over the years in order to adapt to the market, as exemplified by the rebranding conducted in early 2016, from 2ÁS to Assis Business Partners.

“Conceptually, our proposal was based on growth and in connections, graphically represent by the symbol that, in parallel, symbolizes not only the growth of the company but also the link between Assis Business Partners and its partners.
About the physical space, Assis Business Partners strives for difference, enjoying an open space, broken only by the glazed rooms, designed for meetings. Inside the space, you can find reference objects in the product design area, in order to provide comfort in a modern building, pleasant to those who visit and who works there.

“Thus, it was important to realize the influence of the graphic material, opting for elements of interconnection and convergence between the graphic object and space.

“Concluding, Assis Business Partners is positioned in the market as an extension of the companies that work with them and not only a mere business partner.”

Designed by Another Collective