“Axil Coffee is a direct trade coffee roaster, a family of cafes and a team that is dedicated to its craft of coffee making.

“We crafted a new identity for the business that is authentic in its actions and humble in its tone and style. Axil takes great care in each step of their process, and each relationship is critical: from the farmer to the roaster to the barista. Together we developed the theme  ‘Many Hands Make Light Work’ under which we created tactile coffee packaging, signage, menus, coffee cups, stationery and more. 

“Business cards, loyalty cards and shop cards were letterpress and foil printed in-house on Colorplan Dark Grey 350gsm and custom die cut. The coffee packaging was printed in two Pantone colours, and sealed with a foil printed and die cut sticker on Colorplan Ebony Black and Pale Grey 135gsm, also produced in-house on our specialty letterpress print equipment.”

Designed by The Hungry Workshop