“Bambora is a payment-services company with over 100 000 customers, primarily in Canada, Australia and the Nordic region. The company began as a merger between 7 fintech startups. Bambora grew quickly because of the merger, resulting in an inconsistent brand and visual expression.

“We were commissioned to develop a new brand strategy and visual identity that better reflects what the company is today. We refined and strengthened Bambora’s core values; Passionate, Collaborative and Responsible. Using these values as a basis, we designed a new identity that feels more consistent, giving Bambora a clear voice that is both friendly and reliable.

“A new typeface and grid system was introduced, along with a refined color and material palette. Dynamic backgrounds and illustrations were added to the graphic toolbox. We also designed packaging, stationery and printed matter such as technical guides for Bambora’s payment terminals. Bold typography was used together with contrasting materials such as metallic foil and craft paper.”

Designed by 25ah