“In October 2015, the barber shop received a new group of successors who were interested in transforming and adapting the place to contemporary standards, but simultaneously seeking to preserve and assume a strong presence of its important historical heritage.

“It seemed fundamental to me that Barbearia Porto’s new graphic identity should somehow be based on all of its “vintageness” and everything related to vintage, not only by the way how typography and layout would be used, but also by how the various materials would be produced and finished.

“The shop’s window display was completely made by hand, recovering the almost extinct technique of gold leaf glass gilding and representing a more detailed and historically accurate approach to the project. Letterpress printing and other fine manufacturing techniques and materials are also used to produce the shop’s stationary and the other designs, as a way of making a statement on the concepts of timelessness and rediscovery which are associated with the shop and the services it provides.”

Designed by Oscar Maia