“Beef & Basics is an independent, high-quality meat shop in rural Lower Saxony, Germany. Located in a region known for it’s many great farm shops, Beef & Basics produces and sells the finest of beef and pork specialties, along with homemade sauces, rubs, marinades, and a great selection of German craft beers.

“This is not your typical small-town butcher, so the branding had to represent the high-quality philosophy of the shop, yet appeal to a broader range of customers, from village neighbors to big-city visitors alike. The logo and a system of quality seals emphasize the choice nature of the products, while the packaging nods to the home-made and local produce. Packaged by hand at the farm, elements such as twine, stamped branding and rustic hang tags make every product a unique item. Seasonal products like stews and soups are packaged in reused vintage Weck jars.”

Designed by VSM Studio