“When you think of property management you don’t necessarily think of a vibrant young company. In Austria the image of those companies are usually heavy and dusty. When people talk about property management companies they think of someone they call to complain about defects concerning their apartment or house. They think of bills to pay, and of all the necessities that have to be in order not to itch their daily life.

“This company came out of their shell. By being frustrated that things go how they go, they wanted a new shine. They wanted to let people know “Hey! We have more competence than that. In fact we love to connect with you and others. We want to be your friends!”

“On top “Bremer” brings a lot of multibusiness talents, such as law and finance. We helped this company to overcome their frustration in daily work life by coaching them to reorder their work communication structure. Eventually identity starts with the values of a working team. On top they got a new visual identity, too.

“In our conception phase we rarely decide to start off with creating a logo. Our holistic approach oftenly showed us that we cannot fragment single elements in a visual identity. We felt that a minimalist design with a defined choice on typography would be the best. The abstracted icon “B” fills its canvas in a flexible way, as much as “Bremer” fulfills their clients needs in a transdisciplinary work way.

“We used paper series “Crush” in many colors to add to their sympathetic multilevel-talent character.”

Designed by KR8 bureau