“Nestled in the emblematic Santa Catalina Park, the Elder Museum of Science and Technology is one of the most important cultural and leisure centers in Gran Canaria, being the most visited in the Canary Islands.

“The new identity aims to present the museum as what it really is, a dynamic, innovative and avant-garde space that brings the secrets of science to the public in a fun and interactive way.The logo suggests the idea of evolution and progress that has been possible thanks to the symbiotic relationship between Science and Technology. Simplon Mono typography brings differentiation through its characteristic features, giving it an industrial and technological tone.The lower-case composition makes the brand more accessible and empathetic, it leaves solemnity. It fits better with the idea of bringing science and technology to the general public.

“A graphic system is generated from the dash of the logo that brings unity and consistency to all elements of communication and merchandising.”

Designed by Enrique Presa