“This pharmacy in Santo Domingo stands out for offering a fast and quality service both in it’s shop and in it’s home delivery. The problem was that it’s brand image and service experience was not transmitted to the people in the best way, making Farmaxpress another company in the pharmacy sector.

“In order to break with the established in the industry and to improve the brand experience, the business idea was positioned under the tagline “Health your way”. Concept that wants to communicate a flexible service, where anyone can taking care of their health and of their loved ones without a problem, anywhere and anytime.

“To reflect this new approach was developed an identity system that spotlights a “fast heart”, a symbol seeking to represent the brand’s name — Farma+Express — and it’s differential value: Fast health anywhere.

“The benefits and product types of the pharmacy are visualized in a flexible communication layout, where different stories are shared joining people and health, with a friendly and protective brand’s tone of voice.”

Designed by Diferente