“Fino Fino is a brand that creates some very fine things. Our solution is a typographic sign, that is at the same time playful and dynamic, but not childish. The repetition of “fino” in the brand’s name creates a symmetry, which we used in the design to reflect the second word. By placing the letters in an arch, we created a dynamic graphic and connected the words by combining them as the letter O. A letter chosen to represent a junction / center of ideas.To establish the circle, we placed the letters of each word in a curve to symbolize the creative process that is always chaotic and filled with rises and falls. However, in the end, things work out in a way that the created product represents a completed and well thought out whole. We illustrated this with the junction of the two curved words in the letter O (a circle). The logo can be read from both sides and whichever way one looks at it, it’s fine. It thus reinforces the slogan we wanted to communicate: All is fine.”

Designed by Wedesignstuff