“Five Kids is a concept store founded by Stella Aminova, a mother of five charming kids.

“The uniqueness of the store lies in its collection of Scandinavian and American designer brands and in a warm atmosphere that will make you want to come back again and again. Apart from the great shopping experience, you as a parent can also take advantage of professional advice on how to dress your child and can even get your kid’s hair cut.

“Five Kids will periodically feature paired collections for both kids and their parents – another good reason to drop by.

“The unique graphic concept behind the identity system is based on the idea of adaptivity
of visual communications to target the audience (kids and their parents).

“The core idea is to have simple abstract shapes which may be assembled to create more complex shapes – which in their turn become real characters with appeal for kids.

“So simple abstract forms communicate with adults while more complex shapes (characters) are there for the kids.

“In general, this is a bright, simple, but powerful ID system that works perfectly for both adults and their children.”

Designed by Flëve