Very much inspired by Bright Corner’s business cards, instead of a fixed title like Graphic Designer, I opted for short description about the range of design projects I can do. It’s rather broad if you know what I mean. Careful not to put an overload of information, the words on the business card has gone through several revisions.

No logo? I personally feel that being a ’soon-to-be’ design graduate, there’s no need to associate myself with any form of personal logo or trademark. Reason being that I’d prefer to show potential employers that I’m excited to become part of their studio instead of me looking like a one-man-show.

What makes a good business card? For me, it has to best reflect me which I think the present card does a good job. Less on the visuals but more on the text. There’s ample space on the front for jotting down notes.Typeface used: Relato Serif by which you’ll be seeing used extensively in my portfolio.

Pay the bills? Bwuahaha. I can’t believe I put this in but I’m unashamed. Since I’m going to make design a way of earning a living, it’s just make sense that whatever I will be doing should pay for my bills especially just starting out in the design industry.