“One of the newest and most blooming business districts in México—Valle Oriente—will soon be enhanced by the presence of the mixed-use development Ikon, a premium, AAA-class tower. The execution of this highly anticipated project, set to sculpt and enrich the landscape of its surroundings, has been awarded to prize-winning Duda | Paine Architects. Recognized for their distinct working methodology—a balance of inquiry, design tools and sustainable practices—the architectural firm’s approach to Ikon is strongly connected to, and influenced by, the different attributes of nature, its shapes, colors, and even the soothing sounds of local birdlife.

“The architects’ vision and the strong name of the project, derivative of an essential representative figure, made us think about the beautiful work of the talented British artist Richard Sweeney. His delicate curved-pleated paper sculptures seem almost organic, like bird wings. All of these elements inspired us to imagine and produce Ikon’s identity, branding and marketing carriers. The concepts served as a guide throughout the entire creative process in order to efficiently represent a tower envisioned to become a symbol. Even the elongated first two letters of the logotype reflect the attributes of its slender, skyscraping stature.

“Brochures, stationery, construction fences, panoramic billboards, press kits and sales presentations were among the different tools we created. Also, to enclose certain project information, we produced a handsome set of folders embossed with a vibrant motion-like pattern, wrapped in delicate gray satin ribbon and decorated with a schematic drawing depicting the stylized silhouette of Ikon. But the definite pièce de résistance of the deliverables is the design and production of a unique wooden-boxed, coffee-table book for investors and stakeholders.

“The limited-edition book describes, through well-crafted imagery and clean design, every detail concerning the project. Everything from its awe-inspiring scenery—overlooking the beautiful Sierra Madre Oriental mountain range yet centered in the heart of a vibrant and modern location—to the architect’s long-standing experience and Ikon’s technical information is featured in the pages of this prestige publication. Great harmony was achieved by placing Sweeney’s wonderful pictures and other natural images side by side with similar looking elements that can be found on the tower’s structure. To top it all, we encased a limited and strategically chosen amount of book prints in fine walnut wood boxes. These exclusive gifts were especially handmade, carved to follow the brand’s signature curves and polished to perfection by local craftsmen. Inside the boxes, along with the book, the VIP recipients will find strategically placed personalized items.”

Designed by La Tortilleria