“KittoKatsu Corporate Identity Just like the name of our agency, the look of KittoKatsu (キ ッ ト カ ツ = Japanese for “You’ll win!”) Is inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Even more than that, the Identity should convey a positive feeling and stand out from the usual coolness in the agency world. The color palettes and layouts of the Identity are restrained and clearly structured. In contrast to this is the playful logo, which expresses the idea of ​​”winning together with us” and so perfectly communicates our promise to our customers. We also coordinated the office interior. The light-flooded workspaces open into each other and are separated only by a Japanese-inspired sliding glass door. The workspace is determined by the variable Hay New Order office system, which creates a contemporary look through its graphic shapes and colors. The straightforwardness is captured by airy wooden elements in the room, such as the Japanese tobacco-inspired sideboard or the shoji-imitated wooden partitions, which we designed especially for the office and put together with a local carpenter. Small details such as the fire-red Artek Kiki Sofa or the collection of Japanese figures bring the brand color of Kitto Katsu into the room and create a playful and lively counterweight to the otherwise straight lines and simple shapes.”

Designed by KittoKatsu