“L’Avenir, Dental Clinic Branding, website, copywriting & photography 2015 _ La Clinique Dentaire de l’Avenir is a growing dental clinic located near Montreal, Canada. In order to help position them as leaders of their field, it was imperative to review their brand as a whole and strengthen their web presence. We decided to go towards a dynamic and human image – traits that well represent the clinic’s team – while inevitably considering the purity and perfection inherent to the dental world.

“Branding, copywriting, photography, web design and web development were necessary to achieve the final result: a modern image that’s as bold and attractive as it is smart.

“The logos developed are simple yet conceal many subtle references to the dental world. The resulting pictures use white and its purity as a metaphor for the perfection and cleanliness that every dentist tries to reach. They combine various everyday items to demonstrate what “Live brighter” might look like. The combination of vivid colors and humorous phrases aims to engage the client and alleviate the often negative perceptions associated to dentistry.”

Designed by Phoenix, the Creative Studio