“Lidjens is a fresh architecture and interior design studio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We knew right from the start, after the first few meetings, that Lidjens’ projects had a lot to tell; thus, the umbrella brand had to be modern, concise, and express the attention to detail and quality so characteristic in Vanesa Lijdens’ work.

“We worked on the logotype and stationery using concepts such as symmetry, rationalism, structure, empty spaces, and systematization. The brand was built with a logo and a sans serif custom typography. The isotype took its form from the special dots we put on top of the i and the j, which were elaborated after a concept of construction, architecture, and homes.

“Vanesa’s work boasts a distinctive mark of sustainable functionality; this characteristic is featured on the brand’s website as well as in other tangible carriers, such as the construction fence —which is literally made with the project’s materials.

“We shaped every branding piece using simple —yet functional— solutions, instead of expensive and complex print finishes.”

Designed by TwentyFive