“The portal intent on building a community of caffeinated travellers, Local’s Lore is paving the way in establishing a new approach to travel. Guided by the wisdom of locals, rather than that of sightseeing handbooks, Local’s Lore unites two previously unrelated groups: the local and the tourist. It is a platform for a city’s natives to visually portray their lifestyle, allowing anyone from anywhere access to a guide as to what is known and loved in their desired destination. The locations are displayed on a virtual, interactive map, which is powered by Google Maps, allows for users to explore their desired destination depending on what it is they wish to find. Cafes, restaurants, shopping locations, showrooms, and exhibits are all accessible through clicking on the desired icon on the city of their choice. Local’s Lore is the decoding of a dialect of design, in a language that is understandable by all. It is an intimate and real portrayal that works with the shared aesthetic of the traveller and the local, and builds a bridge through visual communication.”

Designed by Kiss Miklos