“For the development of the brand architect Lucas Lorenzoni, we had a very interesting challenge. We should find the why’s last name, work with golden swiss design and proportion.

“The origin of the Lorenzoni surname: According to the Italian Surnames Dictionary, Volume I, of Cyrus Mioranza, the surname Lorenzon is a short Lorenzoni which is composed of “Lorenzo” and the plural ending “oni”. Lorenzo which is the Italian form of Latin Laurentius is the basis for several Italian sobenomes. Laurentius – the name comes from Laurentum, ancient city of Latium, the Romans explained as a derivative of laurus (blonde), Laurentum (Loureiral); the name had great diffusion thanks to the prestige and St. Laurentius worship, martyred in Rome in the year 258, the last name defines as fq. Laurentii (son of Mr. Laurentius, with subsequent phonetic evolution that fixed in Lorenzi).”

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