“Marte Estudio is a place from another world, where classical art and modern styling coexist harmoniously, a lounge where hair cuts, dyes, hairstyles and makeup are an experience through a renovation or a drastic change, the main focus is to always exploit beauty.

“When creating the identity of Marte Estudio the inspiration was based on eclecticism, a defining quality of the creator Mariana Abraham whom has a unique, lively and versatile personality reflected in the studio where innovation and experimentation are key elements for achieving the best version of each of its customers. We used a combination of classical artwork with illustrations, the colors and symbols in the communication make a flexible brand that reflects the constant transformation happening in the salon. For the logo a readable and easily adaptable font was used, therefor it can be printed on any chosen surface or design. A version of the astronomical symbol of the planet Mars is used as the main brandmark, along with other secondary symbols and textures that complement the brand, giving it a multifaceted, close and professional personality in its category. ”

Designed by Bienal Comunicación