“Monte Xanic is a Mexican winery located near Valle Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico operating since 1989. The project is based on the creation of unique identities for the following brands: Monte Xanic, Calixa, Gran Ricardo and Limted Editions. Since each of these brands possess a unique flavour and personality, they share a brand system that can represent individually all of the ideas, objectives and messages.

“The proposed icon for this project bolsters the concept of Monte Xanic (which translates into: “Flower born after the first rain”). The icon presents a flower, a drop and a crown of parra leaves. The color palette conveys a feeling of warmth, and reminds the viewer of landscape beauty in which the grapes are cultivated. Finally, the typographic treatment evokes a sense of contemporary belonging to a brand that already denoted tradition and experience.”

Designed by Anagrama