“Odabashian is a company dedicated to the design and creation of custom hand-woven rugs made by expert craftsmen in India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Nepal. Their products have been acquired by presidents, dignataries and museums along their 93 years of experience in the oriental rug market.

“With offices in Mexico City, Miami and Hong Kong, Odabashian has also been author of important collaborations with prestigious architects and interior designers. In the process of developing innovative and transcendental designs, the new Odabashian generation establishes a continuous dedication on traditional and innovative weaving techniques. Our re-branding proposal captures the authentic simplicity of their work. The brand shows an ordered visual unity exalting a hierarchical reticulated system. The use of a sans-serif typography presents information precisely and clearly, accompanied by a color palette responding to their historical traditions. The icon symbolises a progressive evolution perfecting and modernising its trace in tune with the brand’s legacy.”

Designed by Anagrama