“Open Studio by K is an international graphic design agency focused on branding and the aesthetics of graphic design. The agency uses as main concept: grids, composition, hierarchy, experimentation, and contrast. It was needed to have a complex design identity but with an elegant and sophisticated look that was able of transmitting the five main concepts of the agency. An identity that also reflected the general style of our design, which is always meaningful and clean. The name incites positivism and art; an Open Studio is a studio or gallery where you can find objects, art or design that appeals to good taste and good composition, always created by talented people. A social place, accessible to anyone interested on the subject of aesthetics, be it for appreciation or creation. The name closes with a K, initial letter of the founder of this center of design. The logo represents graphically the verb used by the name, “Open.” A composition that simulates an opening of a sale that thrusts forth the name of the studio. Tungsten was utilized as principal typography, which without a doubt shows strong character and elegance. The general composition of the brand is based on negative spaces that activate movement on each of the elements of the stationary. Everything with an elegant look only showing what is necessary.”

Designed by Open Studio by K