“Michelle Funke came to us with a financial advisory concept focused at supporting artists and creative agencies. Though the industry is generally thought of as dull and dry, a lot of creativity and insightful thinking happens behind the scenes that enable companies to do what they truly love. Her concept needed a name, identity and tone of voice.

“We wanted to disrupt the category with a conceptual name and contemporary identity.  Michelle takes a holistic approach to finances and bookkeeping. She is working with you at each step of the way. Parallel Projects is set so each letter is aligned with the another. Supporting and moving together. The goal was to create an identity that appeals to artistic audience.  Additionally, it needed to feel sophisticated and credible, not trendy.

“Within a few months after launching Michelle has hired a team and signed on new clients. The identity system has provided her with a premium and identifiable brand. Her website is fully responsive yet simple. She is quickly establishing Parallel Projects as the go to financial advisory for small to mid-size creative agencies and artists in New York.”

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