“Peppino was created to bring an authentic italian bar experience to São Paulo. Since December 2017 by partners Rodolfo di Santis & Renato Calixto, the bar has charmed São Paulo’s audience right from the inauguration. Rodolfo was elected Chef of the Year by Veja Comer & Beber, Brazil’s most renowned specialist magazine, by then he announced the arrival of Peppino, younger brother of Nino Cucina, in which he won the best chef award.

“The bar is cozy and intimate, where there are several banquettes on the counter and shared tables, bringing a favorable approach to the audience. The décor signed by Elisete Borim brought the European nightly references to the bar, creating an atmosphere full of cinematographic and accurate memories of Italian culture. In order for this perception of origin to be authentic, we developed an identity based on the classic typography of facades of Italian bars and shops, the predominance of the custom designed large-scale typography, treating the stationery and printer material itself as a facade.

“The bar, which is already in press reviews as one of the best bars in São Paulo and elected the revelation of 2017, is the union of a cool atmosphere and industrial climate with the already famous menu created by Rodolfo di Santis.

“The perception of rebelliousness and youth is clear by the identification of the public with the place, the way the logotype became an identifier in the famous Rua João Cachoeira, where it is applied in the form of a neon, which became the key feature of the facade that is from time to time redefined by local artists.”

Designed by BR/ BAUEN