“Pikcells are a design driven CGI studio, with offices in England and America. They have produced work for brands such as Wren Kitchens, Homebase, Kronospan and Hotpoint. Their work is full of rich detail and a great deal of innovation — they wanted to reposition their brand to reflect the more design driven aspect of their business.

“To highlight the focus on design and detail, we produced an icon based upon a 3D axis. This can then be used as a watermark on their images, or be replicated to make patterns and represent a feeling of space. The flexible use will always be associated with the precision of their work. The roll out of the new brand included a new website, stationery and a brochure.

“A tactile and precise finish to printed items was also required to reflect their meticulous high quality. A new brochure was produced that presented selected projects, but it also doubled as a sketchbook. By doing so all staff members have a tool to work and showcase from — a vital asset to show just how far a sketch can be taken.”

Designed by Aidan Nolan