“React is a communications agency covering the wide field of PR communication, marketing and management. It’s logo is a typographic solution with an emphasis on a line added to the end of the logo. This idea has it’s origins in the line marking space to enter content in computer programs. The line flashes and waits on a continuation, a response; a reaction – react. Thus we communicate our Client’s responses to the needs of the market and the services of the agency that is specialized for creating and communicating content.

“We connected the agency’s service in a slogan: “Defining your content.” We also used their main service of preparing content as the key subject to highlight in their corporative materials. We shortened contact information in a paragraph and finished it with a line, that is the key component of the logo.

“The chosen font is serif, as it mimics default fonts in word processing computer programs as well as, newspaper and magazine fonts, because these are places where promotional content for different companies and startups will be placed. We wanted it to look serious, but at the same time we avoided elegant typographies that give out an image of luxury, so as to not misguide smaller clients. Since the word react on it’s own is very powerful and calls to action, we made sure the chosen font doesn’t hold a hard or maybe even a commanding stand.”

Designed by Wedesignstuff