“Established in 2013, Red Cat Motion is a video agency that connects brands with their audiences using Animated Storytelling, Brand Visual Stories, Video Marketing, Infographics and Visual Innovation. The agency provides creative communications strategy and create animated stories that are both rational and emotional.

“From the beginning, Bratus defined Red Cat’s images with a strong and bold, trustworthy, innovative, energetic personality. Together with those characteristics, the brand’s experience and solutions to customers are built up based on their vision and animated storytelling.

“The design of Red Cat’s visual identity is dynamic, followed by a full package of stationary. The combination of narrative language, bold typography and the red leopard mascot reflect the smooth and splendid movements. Interaction and lighting are calculated in each printing pieces using die cuts, inspired from the optical Illusion in fundamental Six-frame animation.

“The final products are carefully handcrafted, considered in structure , form, shape labels as a refined commitment to customers experience”

Designed by Bratus