“Ridley is an Australian based firm at the forefront of some of the biggest developments in the architecture and construction industry. Historically an architectural documentation specialist, they’ve pioneered the use of Virtual design construction – the digital revolution that is reshaping the industry, using Building Image Modelling software (BIM). Every part of the 3D model has attached live data – information on materials, costs, weight, – so that any adjustment will update costs, load bearing etc. – It enables massive cost and time saving, whilst having a live model of the building after the building is complete. With an overview of the entire building process from start to finish, Ridley acts as central hub for the architects, builders, and developers. In essence they have an understanding of the bigger picture. The identity plays on this idea, using individual elements, partial views, and cropping to create the whole. The use of human-centric data provides further understanding of the company, projects and the people who work there.”

Designed by Re| Sydney