“Meaghan Rose found her friends always borrowing pieces from her personal jewelry collection. Given her personal experience and background in retail strategy and consumer behavior, the Rocksbox founder and CEO realized there was a void in the market.

“Rocksbox was founded with the intent of simplifying the jewelry shopping process and making it more fun. The company does the hard work of seeking out the best brands and up-and-coming designers, while their members get to reap the rewards of good taste.

“For a flat monthly fee, subscription members receive a personalized selection of contemporary jewelry pieces in her ever-revolving box. She wears the jewelry for as long as she’d like, and can purchase pieces she loves or return them all for a new Set.

“Character’s engagement was to help evolve the Rocksbox brand to more fully reflect its position as a high-touch styling service while maintaining its playful roots.”

Designed by Character