“Rozmus is a brand operating in the ophthalmology sector. The brand name comes from the surname of its founder, Grzegorz Rozmus. In addition to the umbrella brand, we distinguish 4 sub-brands: Szlifiernia szkiel (Optical Glass Grindery), Centrum okulistyczne (Ophthalmology center), Poradnia dziecieca (Children’s clinic) and Salon optyczny (Optical Shop). The logo embodies a structure of the retina with its layers of neurons. The geometric figures which form the logo create a schematic representation of the neurons and photoreceptor cells – rods and cones. The retina converts incident light energy into signals that are carried to the brain by the optic nerve. The retina’s role in vision is vital. The variation of line design represents graphic interpretations of optical phenomena such as reflection, refraction and polarization. The variety of patterns effectively correspond to the company’s diverse offer.”

Designed by Olle.