“The Confidante is a group of highly successful CEOs, providing tailored executive coaching and mentoring services. In a nutshell, they work directly with business leaders to ascertain barriers to professional success. They then draw on their extensive network to find the people who can help their client move forward.

“The Confidante’s work is by its very nature, confidential. The identity is designed around the idea of discretion – a place where leaders turn. The logo mark references its name as well as its offering through the use of the “C” turned to resemble a keyhole, and a person within. Subtle and sophisticated, the mark is descriptive and suggestive.

“The communications use subtle messaging embedded within longer copy through the use of italics, ie. ‘business is who you know’. Typographic illustrations utilise negative space to reveal additional meaning. By emphasising The Confidante’s discreet nature, the identity reassures clients that their business is their business.”

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