“A good percentage of architects decide to design -by themselves- the brands that will represent them or their studios. Others like to delegate that task to a graphic designer. The one thing that is certain is that almost all architects love minimalist brands (if you are an architect you are probably smiling at this fact, you know we are right!).

“Viroslav Arquitectos is a young architecture studio, full of fresh ideas, a fascination for rethinking the usage of raw and traditional materials, and the belief of design as an extension of nature, humanity and culture.

“We wanted to represent all this concepts and obsessions in one single shape. The inspiration came from one of humanity’s most simple, ecological, and versatile form of housing, the tiki. Using only the “V” and the “A” (hint hint: brand initials) we were able to come up with a representation of this structure in a simple, effective and iconic way.”

Designed by PUPILA