“Vitke is a consulting business which provides urban mobility solutions and is a pioneer in the region. They have developed solutions for public transportation in big cities; trains, subways, buses, cabs. Vitke uses advanced tracking systems for school routes, offers several payment methods and provides the user mobile applications with custom alerts.

“We graphically represented the concept of mobility using the simple but effective notion of A to B. This idea of movement is enhanced with a gradient, which we placed upon the stationary with lines connecting points, thus generating a visual tour throughout all corporate communication pieces. We developed a custom monospaced sans font, which was inspired by the old school graphic design used in Europe in the days of the industrial era, when the continent pioneered travel and transportation. The typography also represents the modernity of the brand, echoing code language used in computer systems.

“These visual communication elements interact in neutral, functional and simple pieces, in tune Vitke´s values of universality and accessibility, just like a good map that guides a foreign tourist.”

Designed by TwentyFive