“GRPCom is the largest media group of Paraná and one of the largest in Brazil. It includes newspapers like Gazeta do Povo, radio stations as 98FM, TV channels like OTV and RPC TV, an affiliate of Rede Globo, among others.

“Designit was asked to develop the branding project for new business unit that was being created: an agency specialized in promotional marketing. The process included workshops with the team of the new company which enabled the exchange of experiences and points of view, as well as the collaborative construction of the new brand.

“When everybody Zigs, Zag” is the mantra of innovation of Marty Neumeyer and the starting point of all this identity. The design element here is the invisible element: the ascending trail left on the set of parallel lines or images. Trail, box and the Z give the tune of the identity keeping precisely the same angle.”

Designed by Carlos Bauer