“Ciuszek Okruszek is an online shop with clothes and accesories for the youngest. You can find here products from both well-known brands, and local designers. The only one condition is high quality and originality of products. In near future, Ciuszek Okruszek will also launch it’s own product line for kids.

“To make an identity for the brand, we based on lyrics from kids song ‘Puszek Okruszek’ (about little doggie), which was also obvious inspiration for name. Switching first letter changes ‘tiny dog’ into ‘tiny cloth’. There was few concepts/drafts of logo mark with dog, from which client decided to use the simpliest one based on geometric shapes. It just had the strongest message, was the most practical and memorable. The symbol was completed by also geometrical, but intentionally irregular typography.

“Next we designed remaining elements of identity system – from business card, paper labels, packaging standards up to promotional materials for print and social media. Main color of used to build brand is purple, which could be completed with bright pastel yellow.”

Designed by Studio Sarna