“The Grand Bellevue hotel lies in the heart of the Swiss Alps, on the celebrated ski slopes of Gstaad. The grand hotel offers relaxation for the upper class from the beginning of the 20th century. It reopened its doors in 2013, refurbished with the exceptional taste of the interior architects, Davia and Daniel Koetser. The whole establishment is an exuberantly charming, luxurious resting place with some funny, bold details. The grand hotel provides 57 rooms for retreat, furthermore a Michellin-starred restaurant, a phenomenal spa, several lounge bars and special clubs, including the Bouquet.

“The Bouquet is a lavishly furbished night bar, a super-elegant and sophisticated place for decadence. The identity for the bar is based on the peculiar flower wallpapers and the luscious charm of the place.

“The main character of the identity is a “bouquet girl”, based on the drawing of a young illustrator Csongor Horváth (behance.net/csongorgergohorvath). This girl is the one who represents the mischievous aesthetic of the bar, still remains the emblem of classy erotics.

“All the elements of the identity were printed with letterpress (Incredible Letterpress). The black and white, bit nostalgic graphic details are completed with dazzling neon orange parts. The short b / q logo refers delicately to the joy of mutual pleasures, so it can be used independently as well for insider communication.”

Designed by Eszter Laki

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