“Bodyport is a San Francisco-based start-up dedicated to the development of home health technologies.

Their first product — a smart scale with cardiac sensors — detects key indicators of health through the feet. Bodyport is backed by investors including: Playground, Y Combinator, and Rock Health.

“The brand’s graphics clearly communicate the company’s identity: accurate & approachable health technologies. The icon represents the product’s core tagline: “Technology with heart.” The logo comes to life as a digital animation that mimics a beating heart, as well as a 2D version for printed brand applications. Warm colors and the geometric typography were selected to balance the friendly yet high-tech brand.

“The brand pattern originates from the icon’s design, creating a circular reference. Through repetition and hierarchical placement, the patterns can be manipulated to generate textures in diverse brand applications. The patterns create a dynamic, graphical language that reinforces the ideas of precision metrics and insights.

“The website aims to educate the audience about Bodyport’s technology through friendly graphics and simple navigation. The visual breaks and interactions strengthen the content and the communication with the user.”

Designed by Anagrama