“Montelena, represents a space designed for food tastings & exclusive gatherings. This place, celebrating the passion for gastronomy, was created by the renowned Chef Alberto Sentíes.

“The brand identity design for this project is inspired by the work of the Italian architect Scarpa, one of the most enigmatic architects of the 20th century, and was influenced by artisanal architecture styles.

“As part of the identity, we designed geometric patterns that contour labyrinths in the many diverse brand applications reminding us about the spontaneousness and mystery of Sentíes’ kitchen. The color palette employs gray tones simulating handmade materials such as stone, contrasting with the brightness and strength of the metallic gold tones.

“The typography is kept in serif style adding an elegant communication tone to the project and accompanying it with classic centered reticles.”

Designed by Anagrama