“Casa da Tradução is a company specialized in translations based in Sao Paulo, Brazil known by its always personal service, something that does not happen in its market. Company approached Anora Campo to help them build a brand that could make tangible the brand promise and the company attributes in order to face the market.

“The challenge of the project was to bring a speech to flee from all that existed in the translation market, and even an identity that brings originality the mark, as the name “House of Tradução” that despite flee the competition names of style It is usually done by acronyms or words in English it was a generic name.

“Working with client we arrive at the main pillar of the brand: Humanity. Pillar that well reflected the culture of the company. During the creation process client told us that the name was not having strength with their customers in other countries (because they already accustomed to companies with English names). Reviewing conversations with our client we perceive the constant use of the term “a Casa” (the House) to refer to the company. We have seen that the name had great significance, very close to the main pillar of the brand. What can be more humane and warm than our house? Soon came the solution to design a logo with the company name and next to it use the term “Casa” in other languages.

“Casa da Tradução remains strong in the market with a brand that today is recognized and mostly admired by its customers. With a well-defined brand promise, a unique identity and excellent service (delivery promise) Casa da Tradução is ready to compete in new projects with large companies in the industry.”
Designed by Anora Campo