“Get into the market of basic products for construction and bite part of it. That was the ambition of Vensta, industry specializing in PVC products, mainly corrugated flexible conduit. Anora Campo was commissioned to overcome the challenge of building from scratch a brand that would inspire trust in people, in a market dominated by a few, and establish a new and distinctive way of how to communicate about basic products for many different audiences.

“We turn on the ambition of the coming brand to understand and bring it to life, a brand that was a prompt response to this context. We formatted the strategy and brand positioning. We create name, unique identity that brings a new way of presenting such products and various applications, ranging from web to labels and product packaging.

“A timeless brand that shows industrial way but also know to talk to all types of end users in a simple, unique and intelligible way. A brand not only for consumers, but for the complete chain of stakeholders, inspiring trust at all.”

Designed by Anora Campo