“Redesign of loan broker company Enklare, former Reciva.
In a world of conservative companies, the young company Enklare (simpler in Swedish) wants to make your loan application a simpler and less scary experience.

“The new identity is simple but colourful and varied in order to show that anyone, regardless of their age, ethnicity or gender, can apply for a loan at Enklare. The logo is bold, with a kind shape, to show that Enklare is a company that cares about its customers and want their lives to be easier.

“The wave, which is an important part of the identity, are used as a pattern or and underline. It symbolises the smoothness of Enklare’s service and their endeavour to simplify for the customer. The symbol itself also has a visual connection to the watermark on printed bank notes.”

Designed by Carl Michael Ulfstedt